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“ Jivdaya ”is the act of compassion for all living beings”.

Jivdaya is traditionally associated with Jainism and it is the very essence of its philosophy. Its main aim is to save animals from slaughter houses and provide nutrition, water and health care includes feeding and caring for the sick and elderly animals and birds.

In today’s world we witness so much cruelty and violence to people and animals. Thousands of animals areillegally and brutally slaughtered daily.They have no say in their well-being. It was this brutality and cruelty that prompted the youth of Vapi to take action in 1990.Hence these youth formed “Hinsha Nivaran Sangh”. They became the guardians of the law to save animals which were molested and inhumanly traffickedand abused and slaughterd mercylessly.

It prompted the need to create a shelter for the treatment and sustenance of these animals-“Jivdaya Kendra”. Both Shree Ajit Jain Seva Mandal and the youth of Hinsha Nivaran Sangh started their mission of building shelter.

The late Shree Chhotalal Bhaichandji Shah and Mrs.Induben Chhotalal Shah came forward and donated a large piece of land- free of cost known as, Shah Chhotalal Bhaichand Ratavala Jivdaya Kendra,panjarapolto be run by “The Shri Ajit Seva Trust”.

The complex is spread over 17 acres of lush green land and growing in stature and size every day.In this Jivadaya Kendra or sanctuary all kinds of wonderful arrangements are made for the animals to enjoy complete peace and comfort.Huge shelters have been built for buffalos, cows and goats. Large godownshave been built to store feed with plenty of drinking water available. There is even a rabbit house. It even houses birds. There are beautiful ponds for fish and ducks. The complex has therefore become the sanctuary for all types of abused animals giving ita humane and meaning and life.

Many other organisation working with the same goals send the livestock to our panjrapol.if there are reports of accidentsor injury to animals or even diseased livestock, an ambulance is used to transport animal to the jivdaya centre for further treatment. Here, they are provided with special medical care and accommodation. We have full accommodations for our staff on duty 24/7.

Why this organisation is unique

This institution does not pay a single rupee towards buying of animals from butchers or slaughterhouses. The idea being not promote this type of business activity. We use the law and enforcement officers through the court systems be it lower or supreme courts to protect the lives of all animals. With the aid of officers many illegal traders in animal slaughter business have been raided and apprehended.

This sanctuary/panjarapol houses many variety of animals be it household such as cows, buffaloes,dogs,donkeys,monkeys,cats,sheep and goats. There are,ducks,pigeons,sparrows, peacocks, gray mongoose and several types of fish, tortoises, and water snakes. They are all living in peace and harmony.

The play ground created brings children to run to the panjrapol.The free flow of oxygen midst the hustle & bustle of industry makes it a place to revind for many.

Due to the nature of the good work and volunteerism and unprecedented progressmade many animal lovers of all sects and religions give and offer their blessings by donating generously their time both materially and financially. We do receive occasional donation internationaly too.

There are many individuals who give and below a list of few who have supported us regularly:

  • Shree Samast Mahajan, Mumbai.
  • Shri Vardhaman Sanskar Dham,Mumbai.
  • Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram ,Dharampur.
  • Shri Adi Jain Yuvak Mandal, Mumbai.
  • Shri Shastrafana Parswanath Jain Sangh,Surat.
  • Shri Bhanushali Samaj ,Vapi.
  • Shree Patel Samaj, Vapi.
  • All Rajasthani Samaj.
  • All the Deravashi and Sthanakvashi Jain Sanghs of Vapi and surrounding area.

Panjarapol has become a piligrimage for many in the city,states & country. We do receive occasional donation internationaly too.

As you can see we ares a non-profit organization and depend purely of donations. Kindly give for bringing joy and happiness to every living being that is part of Gods world and creatures. Save it from cruelty let them live and die in a more humane way.

“Maitri bhavnu pavitra zarnu, muz haiya ma vhya kare Subh thao aa sakal vishva nu ,evi bhavna nitya rahe.”

May all beings find peace May the saered stream of amity flow forever in my heart

“ the spechless souls shout, Come & be our saviour”

We could not see the “cows”- the animal wich “sanatan Dharm” HAS Respected as mother was taken mercilesly & illegally to the slaughter houses;so we risked our lives & picked them from the cruel paw of those butchers & traffikers. We shalterd them for life in our permenant objective.

1) To stop cruelly heppending on these poor souls.

2) To put an end to their illegal slaughter.

3) To stop inhumane traffiking of cows,goats to the slaughter houses in cramped & harmful conditions.(Thay could bavely more theur head or leg for 16 to 19 or 24 hrs.)

4) To shalter them with proper medical & nursing care.

5) On the secret information go and raid trucks.

6) Cheking the vehicles on highway during midnight with the police force.

7) Once the traffikers are cought they are handed over to police for further case and then lengthy court bettles

8) Released animals are then be givan to jivdaya trust for sheltering and we make sure that they do not return to those butchers again for that we fight long court battles.

For Court cases jain lawyers from vapi area provides their services free of coasts like Adv.Ketan nahar , Adv Sameer Shah & Adv Jignesh vora give their precious commitments. Master precticed and proficiant advocates Mr.gangarambhai popat of Deesa and advocate Mrs bipinbhai Thakkar from Baroda who knows all the rules about animals gives us the best advaise always on call to serve us.

Besause of them we manged not to return the gentale,bovine,sacred speechless cattles shalterd at Rata Panjarapol to those butchers again. Once cattle & sacred souls comes to jivdaya cetre to give them life time on joy & care is our goal & to creat better home for them. Family of late shah chhotalal bhaichand ratawala donated app.5 acre of land,later on for the bigger need of shalter & fresh food. Other lands where obtained.

To day ‘Rata Panjarapole’has 17 acres of grand lush,green, natural hewen. Every atem of the place has become holly …. “The jivdaya Tirth ”

2nd activity is with our ambulance the animals in surrounding area who meets with an accidents,injured or sick are brought to panjarapol for further tretment. There is a veternary doctor on call for them.special shade is been built just to handle these cases where they can find perfect treatment & care

3rd The catteles which can no lingar serve their masters are been sent to panjarapol from surrounding areas.

Many organisation working towards the goal of saving the cattles from slaughter but do not have place to shelter are been shalterd at our “Jivdaya shalter ” and we run aii the expense happy for all the above with people like yoy donating generously.

Our Vision

1) To build best & modern veternary hospital with all amenities like sonography,xray,hightech theators,veternory pathological lab.

2) To start up veternary college,so we can have biggar numbers of vet.docters on service.

3) To create huge green & lush jungle where cattle & other animals can roam with freedom & graze on greens without fear.

4) To educate people about laws which helps to keep all the creatures alive, so many people can join us in the cause and be part of feeling the joy them selves all organisations can come to help each other in need.

5) To establish cattle camps with free medical tretment.

6) To maximum aids possible from the obtain government bring change in to the laws wich are old and revamping.

7) To obtain maximam aids possible from the government. Bring change in to the need laws which are in action from british times & Bring in the law which are much stricter towards animal cruelty.

8) Publish , spread knowledge of “nonviolence” & thus encourge and bring awarness in people to turn to vegetarianism.

9) Creating awarness,Love & mercy towards these humble & speechless creatures By arrenging seminars & exibition.

10) what ever is needed to save & protect this sacred souls.

Meet our Trustee

Rajeshbhai Shah
Ujeshbhai Shah
Devendrabhai Shah
Rameshbhai Shah

Munnabhai Shah
Rohitbhai Nahar
harishbhai Gala
Ajaybhai Shah


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A rescue animals is an animals that has been placed in a new home after being abused, neglected, or abandoned by its previous owner. ... Our Trust exist to rescue, protect, care and re-home Animals from unnecessary euthanasia.



Animals adoption is the process of taking responsibility for a animals that a previous owner has abandoned or released to a shelter or rescue organization. Common sources for adoptable pets are animal shelters and rescue groups.



Bringing an animal companion into our lives is a big responsibility—one that means making a lifetime commitment (which could be 15 years or more, depending on the animal) to provide them with exercise, training, grooming, food, veterinary care, and, of course, plenty of love and attention.